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SHAREit - Connect & Transfer for Android - Download

SHAREit - Connect & Transfer for Android - Download

SHAREIT-Connect and Transfer is an app in which to transfer files faster than a device compared to Bluetooth or regular WiFi.

With ConnectEit - connect and transfer, easily send files between two devices, regardless of the OS they run. This means that you send files from your Android to an iPhone, iPad and even a Windows PC. Otherwise, create a group of groups so that you can move multiple files at any time at any file.

Share some of your common file formats (photos, videos, MP3s) in some shared files, such as Address books, AP keys, or other file types stored on your smartphone.

SHAREIT- is an app for faster transfer between all devices and connections. The only thing is: You'll have to install it at the end of both of the apps. Meaning, both the receiving and sending of the smartphone or the tablet must have a shareheet to complete the transport.

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